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Skill-Trees and Summons




Skill-Trees and Summons


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Altostratusphere Empty Altostratusphere

Post by Azmot on Wed Aug 19, 2015 2:07 pm

Base Ability: Altostratusphere - A toggle-effect that changes the environment around Azmot to become constructed of data, rendering the area to function exactly like the datascape. Those inside have their identity discs manifested and are set to the level of USER while within the area of effect, while Azmot has the status of both Admin and MCP. If used in the datascape, those within the area of effect have their permissions changed to USER while within area under Azmot's control. Logging out is impossible without Azmot's permission, and doing so transports said logger to the False Space Paranoids that Azmot keeps in his own Deep Space ship. This effect lingers even when Azmot is KO'd, unless he deactivated it before he was unconscious. This effect extends forty meters per character tier.

Base Ability Cool Down:

Tier One

Data within the area of "Altostratusphere" can only be edited by Azmot.

Azmot may freely summon Identity Discs that he either owns or who's user is visible. When he uses this ability to summon a disc that is not his own, it enters a cooldown of three posts.

Command Skill: Edits the data of someone within the range of "Altostratusphere" to reset to their default condition, removing all buffs and debuffs from the subject. Only useable while within contact of someone or their identity disc.

His natural ability to restore himself when KO'd is enhanced, reducing the amount of posts required by one for every character tier.

Knows the location and tier-level of statistics of everyone within the range of the base ability for as long as it's active.

Tier Two

His natural ability to restore himself when KO'd is enhanced, reducing the amount of posts required by five.

Data within the range of the base ability is immune to negative effects that are not controlled by the owner of the base ability.

Once per topic, when KO'd, immediately activates the racial restoration ability with no start-up time.

Command Skill: When in contact with someone's identity disc, Azmot can have its owner's MP pool(s) put into cooldown. Cooldown: 15 posts.

Tier Three

"Roy" now causes all abilities its owner possesses to go into cooldown as well, if any of their abilities have such.

Command Skill:  When in contact with someone's identity disc, the user can rewrite the code of its owner, removing any passive immunities until said person attempts to leave the Datascape (or other applicable area). Cooldown: 10 Posts.

Destroys target Identity Disc. Cooldown: 8 posts.
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Altostratusphere Empty Re: Altostratusphere

Post by Azmot on Fri Aug 21, 2015 3:34 am


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Altostratusphere Empty Re: Altostratusphere

Post by Game Master on Fri Aug 21, 2015 11:08 am

The problem with the base ability is that there is no actual way you could reconstruct the area and matter around you into Data. It is definitely possible for the character to project and overlay data upon their surrounding environment. Basically, your aura would project your copy of Space Paranoids, manifesting it not as Data but in a way similar that one would call Programs and Dream Eaters through Summoning and D-Links- using your energy to make it "real".

There's the first trick. Dream Eaters are composed of Darkness, so they can use a similar medium to their native state to be called. Programs are made of Information. Such a thing doesn't exist in the real world. You could make it a form of matter, but then the ability would become far less responsive. The best way, I feel, to closely emulate the Datascape is use a combination of Space and N/E supernatural applications to emulate how commands would work and enable you to project programs as constructs of solid, visible energy.

Now, to address how the Datascape functions: you could not force people to develop Identity Discs. I view this largely the same as them entering the Datascape through a portal. Their body is not being converted into Data. It is possible that you could, using the aura that overlays your copy of Space Paranoids, you create a false Identity Disc for them to use, but it wouldn't be the same thing. The Identity Disc contains the information and source code of the entity that holds it, and enables even those incapable of being targeted able to be so since they are all Networked. It could not work the same way here. Instead, you could use the False Identity Disc as a medium for on-contact abilities to triggered.

Moreover, this means since nobody is logged in, they can not then be logged out. That makes that section of the ability a moot point, although I would express skepticism of involving something more lore-based into a competitive ability to begin with. And the effect would naturally linger after you had been KO'd. No part of this aura indicates any of its conditions are able to be toggled.

As we've already established that it is not Data, that should be addressed in the third ability. In addition, depending on the Programs you are projecting: that first skill can not exist. If this area is meant to function as an emulation of the Datascape, then if a Program has the proper skill tree set up they could hypothetical extend their permissions enough to edit the Datascape. While you would have priority, you'd have to completely revoke their permissions (and even then, that may not stop all of them). So as written, the ability doesn't function.

Unfortunately, you can not summon another person's Identity Disc regardless of your permission level.

Once more, we've covered the subject of Data. However, the ability is still feasible baring that change. I should note here that I'm not yet accounting for the presence of this aura in the actual Datascape. We will get to that after everything else has been established.

I would request that Temple be Tier Two.

I'm not alright with you knowing a person's exact statistics. I'm fine with you being able to recognize character tier.

Lazarus would be Tier Five. More over, I likely would not let the period it takes an ISO to heal drop below one post simply because that creates an unkillable character. I am almost offended because it feels as though it was thought that I wouldn't be able to do simple math and understand basic implications of an ability such as this paired with an ability in tier one. While pushing the boundaries is fine, please refrain from creating something so ridiculous and blatant that it feels like a personal affront to my intelligence.

We've covered Data already. As I have said, we will go over this ability in the Datascape after the rest has been established.

Gonna ask that Siegfried be Tier 3.

You do not need to have the "Until they Leave" condition on ALT. I do believe it has been explained that what happens in the Datascape doesn't carry over.

I do believe that you must be making contact with the Identity Disc in order to delete it. However, this ability will not work on people with higher permissions than yourself.

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Altostratusphere Empty Re: Altostratusphere

Post by Sponsored content

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