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Damion the son of war

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Damion the son of war

Post by Thelennx on Mon Oct 26, 2015 10:49 pm

Name: Damion Darklin

Age: 31

Species: Somebody

Primary Elements
1.) Darkness
2.) Time
3.) Lightning
4.) Metal

Personality: Damion is a man of few words that holds himself with a high sense of professionalism and honor to his duty. While a quiet one he is not one that finds discomfort in actually socializing with different people and contributing to a party though honestly he does find it much easier to get along with people his has spent time with. He is even one to crack a joke here and there but unfortunately his got no real sense of humor even though he thinks he does, a guy that laughs at his own puns even if no one else does.  He is also very dedicated to his training as a sword’s man, taking the traditions of an ancient race of warriors he maintains the values of one’s blade and the path of enlightenment. Kindness is also something that Damion understands and treats others to as well, helping a child find its lost cat, protecting a man from thugs these are examples of his positive outlook of life and the value in humanity.

But he is not one without his darker qualities, he is a trained killer and merciless to those he deems that have chosen their path away from his cause. He will not hold back against those that willing oppose him or his ideals women, children and innocent or not.  While he does feel the pain of taking away the life of another he does his best to honor their sacrifice and keeping his goals for the greater good in mind. And while he doesn’t like to show or admit it Damion does have a bit of an ego and does secretly enjoy cutting down worthy foes to show off his own strengths.  

These darker qualities since the past few weeks have gotten much worse since his breaking, tortured and charmed into a twisted version of himself he has far less qualms about embracing his inner darkness even if his powers come from the light.  


History:  Damion was born into the world unnamed  and too small to be noticed by many known powers across the worlds of light. It was a quiet place that didn’t break much water in the grand scheme of fate but it held its everyday pleasures and common themes of life. They people grew as children, struggled to find themselves as teens then grew into adults to find work, a partner and bear the seeds of the future.  Damion stuck to this normal routine most of his life only with the exception he had more opportunities given to him. His father was a well-known doctor that tended to many of the lives of their militia where his mother lead a large force well under the good graces of their country’s lord. At a young age he studied under his mother in the ways of military combat and warfare, hand to hand fighting and weapon mastery.  From his father Damion learned the basics of magic and the inner workings of his spiritual energies to enhance his own body functions. He went through his teens at a common school to better adapted to normal society, studying away and practicing for war all the time made Damion a little anti-social to actually social interaction. However even after being thrown into a circle of peers Damion still felt like he was a stranger to everyone and didn’t interact well with others his own age. He felt more at ease during classes then he did in free periods.

Into the stages of adulthood Damion still didn’t have much social skill that didn’t require him to kill, order or follow. He started work as a solider away from his mother’s influence not because they weren’t close but he wanted to make a name for himself. He started off well and likely would have if his world has lost to the darkness, the heartless came quick and without warning. The people had never seen such fiends and their defeat was unavoidable and they all feel into the shadows. Damion managed escaped leading him into a different world that picked up lost hearts still in human form.

But unlike many other stories of hope Damion found an unsavory group to take him in. His body was also greatly damaged, both his legs were blown off and he had lost his right arm. The group were freelanced scientist fired for their disregarded of humane rights. They took him in in order to experiment on his well brought up body, super solider experiments, mechanical body replacement he was meant to be the next sword of justice.  However despite their best efforts the damage on him was too much, beyond their skills they threw him out as garage.

Left to die filled with potinal but disregarded like a work in progression should have been his end.  Until a two special men sensed an interested heart. The feelings of disregard, lost and abandoned they shared many things that Lenneth and Thelen could relate to.  Finally earning his third family Damion underwent another change, earning a new body of machines refined to better suit his needs by the parts that were found in that world from Thelen and having his mind broken and charmed to ensure his loyalty Damion became his their sword.        

Other Notes: Sliver hair and pretty face anyone?


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Re: Damion the son of war

Post by Eno Vale on Wed Oct 28, 2015 3:00 am



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