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Skill-Trees and Summons


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Limit Break: Crescent Moon Dance

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Limit Break: Crescent Moon Dance

Post by Katsurou Atsuregi on Thu Dec 10, 2015 3:58 am

Ability Name: Limit Break: Crescent Moon Dance
Ability Type: Support
Ability Cost: N/A (See Description)
Ability Cooldown: N/A (See Description)
Ability Element: Moon/Darkness
Ability Description: As a Cost, Katsurou's weapon must be Imbued with the Moon element, as per the Imbuement Skill Tree. Katsurou must then draw his own blood, dealing moderate damage to himself. This damage cannot KO Katsurou, and will instead reduce him to the verge of KO if it would do otherwise. However, unless it is the fourth use of the Ability within a single topic, this Ability cannot be used at the verge of KO.

As an alternative to a Cooldown, this Ability can only be used once per topic without repercussions. If used twice, Katsurou enters a weakened state after the Ability ends, and all of his stats bar SYN and MAG suffer a slight decrease until the end of the topic. If used three times, after the Ability ends, Katsurou remains standing, assuming he was not KO'd during the Ability itself, but the slight stat decreases become moderate, instead. If used a fourth time in one topic, Katsurou is treated as if being able to withstand any attack sent his way in a similar manner to Second Chance and Once More. However, as soon as the Ability ends, Katsurou dies.

Katsurou's blood fuses with his Moon-imbued weapon, empowering and sharpening it. Katsurou also enters a stage resembling Berserk, severely increasing his attack strength and attack speed until the Ability ends. He gains a personal "New Moon Aura," causing his Moon-elemental attacks to act as Darkness-elemental for the purpose of bonuses (such as those from the Moon-elemental passive or Katsurou's Heartless Drive), but not for the purpose of strengths, weaknesses, or immunities.

This Ability lasts for two posts, times Katsurou's Character Tier. Upon the Ability ending, Katsurou's MP is placed on cooldown, or, if it was already on cooldown, then the cooldown is restarted. If Katsurou is using a Heartless Drive Form, then the form's duration is also reduced by 3 posts at this time.

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Re: Limit Break: Crescent Moon Dance

Post by Veara on Thu Dec 10, 2015 7:39 pm


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