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Skill-Trees and Summons




Skill-Trees and Summons


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Post by D10 on Mon Jan 04, 2016 4:29 pm

Name: Weiss

Species: Seeker of Darkness

Appearance: Appearance

Character (V) | STR Tier(V) | END Tier(V) | MAG Tier(VI) | SPE Tier(V) | AGI Tier(V) | SYN Tier(VI)

Purpose: -Major Antagonist for D10 and associated characters
-Knows about the Dataloid project and the two Isoloids created by Dr. Kizeke
-OOCly he's created for the exploration of space rather than going on worlds.

History: (I want to keep some details for the RP) Weiss established a connection with Dr. Kizeke in some form while he was in the real world and assisted him in ways that allowed the projects to move. However, Weiss was raised to be a broker of both information and illegal substances in many forms. This did not waver and has been known to betray powerful people in the name of money and power. Weiss did as much with the projects to certain interested parties, and D10 caught wind of his existence and now he must escape the clutches of the Dataloid.

Ability Set: Technomancy, Hacking, On-the-fly synthesis, Elemental Creation/Manipulation

Item Name: Advanced Achilles Aegis MK V
Item Type: Armor Implant
Item Abilities: This implant is integrated into his whole body, making his outer parts as durable as T5 armor. This armor also halves the damage dealt to him.

Item Name: The Betrayer
Item Type: Multi-Purpose Weapon
Item Abilities: This weapon can alternate between a longsword with an all-cutting edge (as long as the material is destructible) and a laser pistol. Mapped to Weiss's usage only.

Item Name: Skeleton Key
Item Type: Key
Item Abilities: Acts as a skeleton key for anything mechanical, technical, magical or supernatural.

Item Name: Omni
Item Type: Recording Implant
Item Abilities: Omni allows Weiss to see in 360 degrees and record all of the sensations he perceives. Anything visual, auditory, etc. is recorded and has instantaneous replay.

Tools may come and go through topics, so it isn't limited to these things

MP 700 | GP 5
STR 5 | END 3 | MAG 5 | SPE 5 | SYN 5 | AGI 5
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