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Comen Allard

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Comen Allard

Post by Comen Allard on Fri May 13, 2016 12:32 am

Name: Comen Allard
Age: 45yrs
Species: Somebody

Primary Elements
1.) Darkness
2.) Thunder
3.) Ice
4.) Time

Personality: Comen is a self reserved man. He can be very stubborn, but he does so without letting himself give into his emotion. His expressions rarely shift from stoic, but he can be expressive when the time calls for it.

Appearance: Comen’s features are fairly aged, but he still retains his youth, thanks in part to the thaumaturgy he uses. He stands an average height of 5‘9” and is built relatively well. He wears noble attire, and brown strapped leather shoes.


Comen’s early life was relatively comfortable on the world of La Citè de Cloches. Though his father raised him in a “tough but fair” manner, his title as count brought along many luxuries. Throughout his preteen and teenage years, he learned many skills such as swordplay, horseback riding, and dancing. He was taught arithmetic by his father and most of his skills by his mother.

In his mid-teens to early twenties, he served an apprenticeship under a friend of his father, Brenarde Fetfaque. Most of the work he did was city centric, such as attending events, gathering information, and compiling it into reports. A chore he thought as menial, but he knew of its importance in his later life and knew better than to complain of it. In fact, he saw some joy in getting to know his fellow townspeople and during one of these events he met his future wife, Emilia Farron.

One particular evening, Brenarde had Comen arrange his bookshelves, as it was just in general a slow day and tidiness and order are important habits anyway. Another chore to Comen, but he complied regardless. While going through Brenarde’s books, he stumbled across a few books each written in a language he could not decipher and a number of profane depictions laid out on their pages. The books themselves elicited fear within young Comen and panic emerged from within Comen before his mentor stepped back in the room.

Silence hung in the air as Comen stared at Brenarde, quivering in his seat, but the fat mentor only laughed. He told Comen there was nothing to be afraid of, in fact it was what he was looking forward to. He guided Comen to his dining room, pouring two cups of tea before he settled himself. He told Comen of where he got the books and journals, how they came from another world far away, separate from the world he now knew but connected through a source of Light. The books, while written in a different language from another world, him and a small team of linguistic examiners were able to get a rough translation, putting them in journals while he spent the last few years cleaning them up and learning from them.

From these tomes, I learned not only of the other worlds, but the art of thaumaturgy. While I do have to admit, the people who wrote these books were rather demented, these ‘Followers of Dead’ have taught me more than I could ever imagine in this art. This knowledge I intend to pass down to you as well.

He explained how he has went to Comen’s father with this knowledge, telling him of this thaumaturgy and how he was willing to teach him the art as well. Comen’s father rejected the proposal, though he knew the benefits of knowing thaumaturgy, he thought of himself as too old and unfit for such arts. He instead asked Brenarde to teach Comen thaumaturgy in the hopes that when he takes on the Allard name and house, that he will be able to use it to gain further power. It didn’t take much for Comen to realize that this was the actual reason he was applied into an apprenticeship, nor did it take much for him to accept the offer.

Further down his life, he had two children, a daughter Jade and a son Isaias and shortly after his own parents passed away naturally, his father refusing to allow for Comen to extend his life through thaumaturgy. He took it upon himself to raise them as his father raised him. Should something unfortunate happen to him he did not want his name falling on weak heirs. He taught his children and his wife some thaumaturgy as well, lending some of the more advanced concepts to his mentor. However, a fear Comen hardly anticipated came to surface. One day after his son’s lessons, Brenarde took him aside and told him of a worrying trend Isaias was displaying. While he was mastering thaumaturgy at an impressive rate, he was beginning to ask more about the history of the people who crafted the magic. Though obviously Brenarde refused to indulge too much into it, he suspected that Isaias was rummaging through his journals and learning a bit more than he should as well as possibly passing some of that information to Jade. Comen agreed to have a talk with his son, hoping to end this before it became a serious problem. That evening, he delivered on the agreement, and was able to get Isaias to promise to stop with his intrusive behavior. Despite how sincere he sounded, Comen doubted the substance of his son’s promise. That was coupled with the uneasiness he felt while discussing what his son has learned from Brenarde’s journals. Isaias talked much about the other worlds and the source of Light. Comen warned Brenarde of this, telling him that he should keep a close eye on Isaias during their lessons. A few years later, Isaias vanished, Brenarde stating that he took several of his books with to wherever he’s gone.

In the recent years, there were a few attacks within the city by strange creatures. Ones of pure darkness, almost like fiends from children’s tales. They would strike the innocents, stealing their hearts and consuming them. Though their numbers were very few, they struck fear into the populace. Seeing this as an opportunity to not only help the people, but to also to gain favor with the people of the world. Using connections he gained from his family name, he assembled a band of knights and any hands that could skillfully wield a weapon, calling the group Les Insomniaques (The Sleepless).

Though the group fared well against these creatures, there was no end in sight to their attacks. With this, Comen knew he had to do something to keep favor. Therefore he publicly placed blame of these creatures appearances on gypsies, whom were already looked down upon. He called them out, saying they were summoning these beings to take revenge on the common, noble, and innocent. With that, he declared that he and his group would not rest until every gypsy was brought to justice. He and the rest of Les Insomniaques hounded down every gypsy they could find, sending them to Brenarde, of whom was appointed as the group’s inquisitor. Very few gypsies have survived his trial, of which Comen knows very little of.

With his larger popularity, the world’s archduke appointed Les Insomniaques for other jobs to better society. Even then, Comen’s patience has been drawing thin with the archduke’s senility and seeming inaction.

Other Notes: Comen enjoys hot chocolate as his morning pick me up.
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Re: Comen Allard

Post by Eno Vale on Fri May 13, 2016 1:02 am



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