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Skill-Trees and Summons


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BIT Unit

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BIT Unit

Post by Altuo Dorian on Thu Jun 02, 2016 7:56 pm

» Identification

Binary Information Unit [ B.I.T. ]

» Energy Outputs


» Programed Display

BIT is a digital based program made by a single user. It is simplistic in design and serves to fulfill basic memory unit functions. BIT is a small spherical construct composed of complete data. It’s overall body is a neon cyan color and produces a luminescent glow each time it speaks. It’s body is able to morph and change depending on the emotional emulation it’s responses are given.

» Codified Likeness

Since BIT is nothing but a simplistic Program meant to perform basic memory based functions it lacks entirely in proper emotional response or engagement behaviours like that of other more humanistic programs. Programmed to be loyal without fault or failure. A BIT unit will follow it’s creator every second it is active and as such answers to every command it is given by the creator. It’s sole purpose is to follow and serve till the end of it’s active period. Due to data limitations in which BIT units are created with they are unable to speak in complete and full sentences and are pretty much unknown in the commons of the English language. Therefore when speaking they are limited to either “Yes” or “No”. However when doing so they tend to try and emulate things such as urgency through physical presentation such as changing shape and color.

» Archived Biography

Much like any other program of it’s design BIT was created by another more advanced program from within Space Paranoids. Upon creation it was installed with basic memory unit functions that allowed it to manage and organized information. As such it was compelled to follow it’s creator day in and day out. Recording data and uploading it to private servers. It quickly became a manager for stored information that it’s creator felt necessary to keep close and access upon appropriate times. This was it’s purpose for a full five cycles. Until one day during a routine file transfer it;s creator simply vanished. Reasons unknown and without so much as a sign to where they could be located. The BIT unit was left for abandonment. Lost and uncertain without direction. Unable to feel sadness or loss the unit remained in it’s last location directed by it’s creator.

It wasn’t till an unexpected raid of the creator’s residence that the unit became individually active. As SENTRY units closed in to derezolute any remaining technology. The unit did it’s best to flee and did so by the thread of it’s Data. Now it wanders Space Paranoids all on it’s lonesome. It’s only purpose: To find it’s creator.
Altuo Dorian

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Re: BIT Unit

Post by Faye on Fri Jun 03, 2016 11:11 am


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