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Post by Azmot on Sun Jul 10, 2016 2:45 pm

Hismls (His-mullz)

0 Years, One Day


Primary Elements
1.) Darkness
2.) Ice
3.) Space
4.) Wind

"A mountain made of many rocks is still at the mercy of the elements." Due to an unorganized mind full of memories that are not his own, Hismls has a wide variety of personality tendencies. While at one moment, he can be seen as cynical, cold, and analytical. At the next, compassionate and warm, full of wonder and adventure. When not affected by the the whims of his nature, he is depressed and resentful of his existence. He searches for purpose.


In the many years of solitude, Azmot grew bored. His entire life had been centered around pointless conflict and he was finally fatigued from all of the needless bloodshed. He spat at his old obsessions and lust for power. What did he earn but coffins to look at as the only death now available to him was at time's painstakingly slow hand? He was never made for adventure. He was born as a half-imp, a demon weaker than even a human - his entire career was full of him hiding behind a mentor that had reached his peak and only entertained the halfling like a wanton boy does ants: one moment feeding, the next reflecting adjucitiary light. The only way he could cope with the world of danger and violence he had entered was breaking his psyche into a more violent, less mature ego, Sid. Even then, his fractured mind was not ready to watch worlds sink into Darkness as he slowly infused himself with it. Eventually, he killed himself. He didn't want to hit the wall that his mentor did. Anyone at that point could smash his head into the wall and break neither, doomed to stare at it until the soul decays from stagnation.

And that was where his torment began. Cursed with life by the tampering of the Darkness he feared, the Husk was born, a shell of what he once was. No matter how many times he tried to die after that, the body would regenerate. His plight grew helpless, and the will to both live and die was permanently wiped clean from his mind. At some sort of irony, as soon as he lost the will to die, the Husk's form shattered, and Azmot and Sid returned to the body they co-inhabited.

And there were other adventures after that. In one, Chernabog destroyed Azmot's body, fracturing his image once again and welcoming Nexus, the repressed demonic lineage manifested in permafrost.

But that was Azmot's past. When he traveled to this new universe, in the Deep Space Paranoid (a gigantic ship once belonging to a Federation that was combined with a replica of Space Paranoids to create an extremely sophisticated Warship), Azmot began intensive study, much like another one of his "mentors". For all of the years that passed in what seemed like months, Azmot reconstructed his entire life and observed it, over and over, trying to find an inherent truth of goodness or evil, of right or wrong - any certainty he could cling to beside the ceilings that contained him.

There were none.

And he longed to feel purpose, so he had a Son.

His life had been devoid of love, though, or an interest in it - in his twisted world, the closest thing he had seen to love was a Demon who manipulated others and coaxed love. All Azmot had ever known was himself, so that is what he would father. A Self that would be happy. Taking DNA from the strongest creatures he could find, the Digital Overlord manipulated their abilities to replicate those he had seen and experienced, some misguided attempt at passing on the torch.

Hismls was created in tandem with Azmot's death - by wiping his heart clean, he constituted the inanimate Chimera with a brand new one, a mind full of combat experience and memories from the Overlord's own. A failsafe transported the creature to Destiny Islands, where great adventures begin.
Digital Overlord

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Re: Hismls

Post by Faye on Sun Jul 10, 2016 5:36 pm


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