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Saeriea, the lost Fae

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Saeriea, the lost Fae

Post by Saeriea on Tue Jul 26, 2016 2:08 am

Name: Saeriea
Age: 22
Species: Somebody, Faerie

Primary Elements
1.) Darkness
2.) Moon
3.) Water
4.) Wind

Personality: Saeriea was once an upbeat girl, fun, funny, and even playful. While these traits aren't gone, they are well hidden. Having been scarred emotionally before, she instead keeps her personality.... well... personal. To outsiders she is cold, forward, and aloof. She has quirks, and is willing to be playful, but only with the closest of friends.
Appearance: Saeriea is a 9.2 centimeter tall faerie in her natural state, but Faeries are particularly good at manipulating magic, and she often uses it to alter her appearance (I'll add an ability for this into the skill tree, but I felt compelled to make note of it here). In her natural state she has medium length brown hair, with some waviness to it. She has full Heterochromia, meaning her eyes are dichromatic. One is green, and the other brown. She wears a gentle blue dress that starts from atop her chest, and ends near her knees. Her waist is wrapped with a green satin fabric, that's tied into a small knot on one side. She wears leather shoes, with straps that wind up to halfway towards her knees. Lastly, she has scars on her back, visible because of the open backed nature of her dress, where her wings used to be....
She has an alternate form (As listed above) which I will link here once approved for convenience's sake. It'll be cosmetic.

History: Saeriea is a Faerie, if ever there was one. Once she was a playful sort, flirtatious, funny, occasionally rude, but empathic. It was a simple life, but a pleasant one. Unfortunately the universe had other plans. When the heartless came, her world was taken by the darkness. The warriors of her world fought the darkness, but to no avail. Their magics weren't powerful enough, and soon all was claimed by darkness.
It was here that she was found, crying, afraid for her life. A man walked out of the darkness, and offered her salvation in her last moments. She agreed, seeing no other course before her. She willingly followed the hooded man into the darkness, and made her escape. It wasn't all she'd hoped for though, the man, while appearing sincere, only wanted to use her. He took her, trapped her in a jar, and kept her with other strange creatures, some living, many not. After several days of attempting to escape, all ending in failure, the man had had enough.
"Faerie wings are best brewed fresh, that's why I've kept you alive, but it's too much damn hassle. The drought will be strong enough even if your wings are dried."
The horror and pain were not to be understated, he first cleaved her wings, ripping them from her back and storing them elsewhere. After this he tossed her into the jar once more, to bleed out and eventually die. In her stay, she ascertained that faerie wings were part of a potion the man was brewing. It was said to give one the power to control Heartless, the beings that destroyed her home. All of this suffering, for some freak's ambition? She wasn't happy, not in the slightest. She yearned for the days where she was home again. In her last breaths, feeling cold and weak, the blood loss causing delirium, she heard a voice. It called to her "You only need accept me. I will set you free from this wretch." given her state, she wasn't about to argue with the disembodied voice. With fear, but no other course, she accepted, if only for a moment, this suggestion. It was then her heart was opened to the darkness. Something stirred within her, something dark, a terrible hatred that she didn't know she could feel. It drove her mad, the voices of hundreds of angry ideas took hold and drove her delirious state. Some terrible energy was released, and her jar shattered. It were as though something possessed her, like some force was moving her body without her will. Moving without wings was proving to be difficult, and a few times she tried to just fly away, only adding to the pain, but ultimately she did escape.
She found herself in the darkness, with the world around her being warped, making no sense.... She ran, she ran as far as possible, trekking through the mire, hiding from these heartless creatures along the way. Before long, she was lost.... It is from here that her story continues....

Other Notes: Her scars run deep, both emotional and physical. Sometimes she loses control of her body, not to some demon or anything, rather to her own horrors and ptsd.

Last edited by Saeriea on Wed Jul 27, 2016 2:47 am; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Edited footnotes to edit out comments to the moderation.)

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Re: Saeriea, the lost Fae

Post by Eno Vale on Tue Jul 26, 2016 2:35 am



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