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Walter Siege Empty Walter Siege

Post by Walter Siege on Tue Jul 26, 2016 5:22 pm

Name: Walter "Walt" Siege
Age: 16
Species: Somebody

Primary Elements
1.) Light
2.) Thunder
3.) Moon
4.) Fire

"I've swore no Oath yet, but even if I'm no Knight, I'd die of regret if I just stood by and did nothing!"

The main defining trait of Walter Siege as many people would tell you, is his desire to do good, and to be good himself. He's a young man who's entire life has been dedicated and isolated to serving a Lord and training to become a Knight with the Codes and Ethics of a Knight of the former Round Table.
He's a quirky young man, who can be a bit gullible by choice, choosing to attempt to see the best in people despite being sure he's about to be conned or walk into some kind of trap. However, he cannot be called a fool, and in fact Walt has shown in the past to be somewhat manipulative when the situation (In his mind) makes it necessary, threatening a bandit Leader with the loss of a powerful artifact if he didn't pull back his forces at one time.
When he found his Chocobo 'Fury' he and the creature became fast-friends, some joking that Walt is actually a Chocobo himself, cursed into human form and that Fury is his long-lost Brother.
Walt is a Bastard, he was born a Bastard and treated as a Bastard would be treated by his peers, and as such, he's developed a rather hot temper when the subject is brought up, this being one of the ways to watch Walt become a rather cold and vindictive individual.

But despite all of this, Walter is a young man who more than anything, wants to prove himself and become the Hero that he knows he can be, given the right circumstances.

Walter Siege Wc2NucK

History: (Cliff notes, for writing the finished product.)
Walter Siege was born to the Duke Tyler Siegwalt and the Scullery Maid named Karen Setter, he was the outcome of an affair between the Duke and his Maid, the affair lasted two years, until the Duke's wife learned of the affair and demanded it end and the Child be put to death, as to not endanger his Proper children and their own standing, the Duke appeared to reluctantly agreed, but in reality he sold the boy to a Knight and Lord of a fortress near Camelot who agreed to take him in and make him a scholar and if he shows interest, a Soldier in service to the Crown.

Raised as an Orphan and brought up as a Servant to a Knight he was granted certain privileges growing up that other children weren't, such as being taught to read and write, and being brought along as Sir Kingard's personal Squire, Walt has been taught and trained from a young age how to armor knights, take care of weapons and shoe a horse on the road.
From age Five and onward, he was saddled with a pony and expected to follow along his Lord and his Men and has seen many things, he's seen the Courage and the Kindness of his Lord and the Knights of Camelot, he was surrounded by Men who told him of their adventures as Knight's, something which colored Walt's visions and made him who he is today.
In the defense of the Realm and all of it's people, Walt traveled far and wide, following behind Sir Kingard wherever he went, and one day when separated from the Knights, he came upon an injured Chocobo chick, which he brought back to camp secretly and nursed back to health for the duration of their stay. The chick pecked at him and bit him constantly, as injured wild animals tend to do, and seemed offended by his very presence, so Walt named the Chocobo 'Fury', the chick eventually warmed up to Walt as he fed, cared for and assisted it in walking along.
When it came time to leave, and Fury was rested as well as any other Chocobo, Walt attempted to say his goodbyes, but instead, was plucked from the ground and tossed onto Fury's back, who refused to let him mount the horse, and insisted that he be rode instead.
Walt felt a bit ridiculous at first, but after a few minutes upon Fury he grew rather attached to the feeling of being upon the Chocobo's back, and when asked later in the week when he was going to go back to the Horse he respond while nuzzling himself against the feathers of his new noble steed.
"I live here now, I have become one with the Chocobo."
Because in his words "Chocobo feathers are made of love and safety." and a true friendship was born between Man and Giant Chicken.

Walt and Fury got into many misadventures as they traveled along with the Knights and Lord Kingard and Walt grew in both skill and wisdom, and unfortunately, with this Wisdom came certain realizations.
The first came when he happened upon the ramblings of a Soldier, who was bemoaning his situation and lot in life, and that he was a Bastard, and everything that came with being a Bastard and things that would never come because he was a bastard son. It is unfortunate, that this man's life was surprisingly similar to Walt's and when he later asked his Lord, he was told that he was in fact, given to him by his Father, who he could not name on his honor.
The second came a few months after the first, from a simple book of Knightly conduct he was reading, he came to a sudden realization. Every Knight he's ever met, has been of Noble birth and every servant he's ever met, has been the same station as he is now.
This depressed him, but he took heart in the tales of Knights who became Knights through merit and deed alone, so he threw himself into his exercises and martial training, working day and night for weeks, until one day while carrying out his normal duties, he collapsed.
His Lord, sitting at his bedside asked him the cause, and Walt told him.
Lord Kingard gently berated him for his reckless training, yet instead of telling him to give up his dreams, instead told him that over training can be a detriment instead of a boon, and instead to focus on lighter exercises. Sir Kingard was a good man, and over the course of his life, was like a Father-figure to both his men and to young Walt, gifting him not only the saddle for Fury, but the scarf which was a memento from his Mother. And after this event, even began overseeing Walt's martial training, something which was unprecedented, which lead to rumors of Walt being groomed as Sir Kingard's successor.
Sir Kingard never addressed these rumors, negatively or positively, he simply carried on.

Walt was twelve when he was granted the right to carry a sword as he traveled with Sir Kingard and his Knights, and it was a few months after this that he followed them as they rode to defend a Town on the outskirts of Camelot from the threat of bandits, yet when they reached this Town and met the force, it was not bandts..But another band of trained men, hired as mercenaries by the Bandit leader, who caught wind of their arrival. Lord Kingard and his men rode to meet the force, while Walt was kept on the outskirts of the battlefield to watch and observe upon Fury's back, and that's when he caught sight of his Lord being surrounded and pushed back. He took off without a second thought, Fury's speed allowing the pair to weave through the battlefield like the wind through the leaves of a tree, but they were not fast enough and watched helplessly as Lord Kingard was yanked from his horse, and set upon with the blades of the Enemy Soldiers. Desperation and grief tore through Walter as he reached out, willing to reach out and do something, the sight of his Lord being impaled triggered something in him, and a bright flash flared from his fingertips, a lightning bolt striking the man who struck first, and surprise quickly gave way to rage, as with steel and thunder he tore into the small group and while upon Fury's back, he was nigh untouchable to the men caught by surprise.

Yet unfortunately, Lord Kingard's wounds felled him, and he left this world from inside the medics tent of their encampment, the battle was won, the people safe, but the man he respected most and perhaps the only father-figure he ever had, was gone with nary a word spoken between them.
He was but a lowly Squire, despite the Men's fondness for him, and as such, when it came time for the Fort Kingard to be inherited by another, he was included with it.
Lord Baenarhh was a cold man, who was assigned as defender of this realm as a favor to his Father, seeking a position where he has trained men to order to destroy simple bandits. Lord Baenarhh had his own team of experienced squires, and so Walt was assigned simply as an assistant to the Lord's own Son, on his path to becoming a Knight.

The experience left many things to be desired, and Walt was sure that he would end up in the stockade if the Young man didn't stop threatening to eat Fury.
Luckily, or rather unluckily for most, Walt's time with the Baenarhh family was very brief.
Lord Baenarhh, his Son and a small group of Soldiers answered the call of a nearby village that was under threat of being under siege, in almost a mirror of what happened only months prior, when they arrived, it was to meet both a band of mercenaries and a group of bandits.
Lord Baenarhh, seeing this group and deducing that it simply outmatches his own in equipment and number, and better these people suffer for a time than all of his men die while under his watch.
This was unacceptable to Walt, and made him bristle upon Fury's back and a few things fueled his next actions, as the group of soldiers and the two Nobles turned away.
Grief, over his Lord and Father Figures death, Disgust with what he would call cowardice in the face of Duty, Compassion for the people down the Hill who would surely suffer, and his Dream, which he could never achieve under these circumstances.
So as they rode off, and the Invading force marched on, a boy and his Chocobo rode off to meet them as the town gathered their things and fled.

Walt and Fury were not graceful figures, a barely trained Squire and his Chocobo steed against an entire force? It was foolhardy bravery that spurred Walter Siege on, but he was not a complete fool, so he kept at a distance, snatching a bow and quiver from a Hunter and opening fire on the front line as Fury dashed along, lightning met those who charged ahead and because of sheer surprise and the strangeness of the sight, he actually managed to shake the group, stall for a time, as the people fled, and cleared over the hill, Walt turned around as well, fleeing the sight of battle and acting as a guide and guard until the Bandits felt it no longer worth pursuing them this far into the King's territory.
And when Lord Baenarhh and his troops rode to meet them, accompanied by one of the Knight's of the court, a friend of the Lord's son, he was berated for abandoning his duties, and foolishly charging off to meet a force he couldn't possibly stop, however, he was commended a moment later by the young Knight, whose eyes seem to gleam with recognition.
He was offered a recommendation by the Young Knight, (whose family has recently become quite respected for it's martial skill)to begin training to become a Knight and assigned as a Page to a Knight from the King's Court in Camelot.

Walt only had one answer to give.
"Can Fury come too?"
And with that, he was off to Camelot, to begin training up to a Knight's standard and to learn and live the Code of Chivalry, and so we begin the tale of Walt Siege, who is finally on the path to making his dreams a reality.

- Walt discovers his magical abilities.
- Lord Stepdad is felled in battle.
- Being Walt is suffering.
- Walt serves another Lord.
- Lord Replacement is a bit of a d-bag.
- Walt is unhappy.
- Walt endures, Walt trains.
- Lord Replacement is called to assist a town with his regiment against an invasion.
- Lord Replacement is confident.
- Lord Replacement shits bricks at the opposition.
- Lord Replacement calls for a retreat.
- Walt disobeys and dashes on Fury's back, evacuating the town and stalling the Invasion Force for the True Knights to arrive.
- Walt is berated by Lord Replacement.
- Walt is commended by Sir Senpai.
- Sir Senpai is sugoii.
- Walt is invited to begin training as a Knight.
- All is well with Walt.
- Story starts and Meikei destroys Walts dreams.
Other Notes:
The word 'Bastard' being used around him puts him in a sour mood.
His favorite food is lamb and tomato gyro's.
Underneath the hooded shirt, is a red scarf tucked inside his collar and hidden away, a memento from his Mother.
He has an unknown connection to Mordred and Morgana le Fay.
His name is actually a play on a popular Germanic name.
The Character song of Kamen Rider OOO's TaToBa combo "Regret Nothing" was the inspiration for this character's moral compass and ideals.
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Walter Siege Empty Re: Walter Siege

Post by Eno Vale on Wed Jul 27, 2016 11:58 pm

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