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Nyx || The Fractured Pixie

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Nyx || The Fractured Pixie Empty Nyx || The Fractured Pixie

Post by Nyx on Mon Sep 05, 2016 4:34 am

The Fractured Pixie

Name: Nyx
Age: 20
Species: Somebody, Never Fairy

Primary Elements
1.) Light
2.) Moon
3.) Thunder
4.) Wind

Nyx is a person of strong opinion, and isn’t afraid to voice it. While she does go out of her way to avoid interacting with others (finding most beings to be stupid and thus not worth wasting time on), she will retaliate if instigated. She’s quick to belittle others and snap at them for the slightest of offenses or mistakes, sarcastic in both tone and mannerisms. This is both virtue and vice; she’s honest, but her blasé bluntness is often cause for aggravation and pain. Although a frequent verbal fencer, the fairy finds physical fights to be distasteful; thinking them simple solutions for the less advanced. She’s a firm believer that any conflict can be resolved so long as both parties talk it out. Ironically, her very personality makes it difficult to even carry out a conversation with her.

This behavior may stem from the fact that Nyx finds it difficult to experience any sort of positive emotion. In fact, she can’t remember ever actually doing so. Joy, wonder, excitement, and the like were all feelings she constantly saw on the faces of her peers but was never able to empathize with herself. It was as if she was in a perpetual bad mood, always angry or annoyed at everything. Moreover, she’s discontent with the state of Neverland and its inhabitants; always in conflict, always messing around, never maturing. She feels it could be so much more, if only more effort were to be put in it.

For those lucky enough to survive speaking to the pixie, they’d discover that she has a penchant for being pessimistic even in the best of situations, although she likes to claim that she is simply realistic. “Life isn’t a fairy tale,” she would say. Or she would, if she weren’t a fairy herself. She’s still looking for an appropriate idiom.

Despite her rather negative nature, Nyx is quite lonely, although she would never admit it. She longs to be in the company of those that understands her and is constantly (and secretly) searching for such an individual.

Nyx has two appearances, a <Suppressed Form> and an <Unbound Form>. While both vary considerably, the two share a few common traits: her silvery skin tone, her dark red hair, and her eyes. In her Suppressed Form, Nyx is approximately 5 inches or 12.7 cm tall, has silver crescent-shaped wings, and sports a pixie-cut hairstyle. She also wears a simple, light purple dress. In her Unbound Form, she stands around 5’11” and weighs about 140-150 lbs, has silver feathery wings, and wears knee-length hair tied up in a ponytail. Her outfit in this form consists of articles of clothing in various shades of purple.

Lucio Lege’s birth was like that of any child’s, save for one minor event: the mistake of his doctor. As you know, upon birth, an infant is still connected to his or her mother via the umbilical cord. This cord must be severed in order to separate the pair. Now, the doctor performing this procedure was relatively young, and this was his first time overseeing a childbirth. The man was undoubtedly qualified, and the baby was born with no problems, but when it came to detaching the umbilical cord the doctor shook out of nervousness. It was this, paired with his heavily perspired palms, that caused the surgical instrument to slip from his grasp and clatter on the floor below.

Fortunately, neither the doctor nor the babe were harmed. However, it would be inaccurate to say that there were no consequences; the blade, while managing to avoid contact with the child, slid in-between the infant’s body and its shadow. By some twist of fate, the blade managed to sever the connection between the human and its shadow. One would think that this is a painful process, yet the newborn felt no pain: rather, a tingling sensation spread throughout his body. Tickled, he laughed; and though it seemed as if matters could get no stranger, they did.

The liberation of young Lucio’s shadow and the vociferation of his first laugh occurred simultaneously. Escaping into the air, the two collided into each other with such a force that they combined. And, just as two strings become more and more entangled the more they are pulled apart, the shadow and the laugh became more and more united the more they struggled to separate. Soon enough, the two had become a single, indistinguishable entity. As is custom with most first laughs (although it was clear that this was not most first laughs), shadow-laugh hybrid began to make its way to Never Never Land. There, the hybrid assumed its intended form: that of a Never Fairy.

It would be inaccurate to say that she was a normal fairy. No, even from her birth it was clear that she was there was something different about her. Her appearance, for one, was extremely unusual, with a silvery skin color no other fairy shared. Her strangeness was only emphasized by another odd trait: in the shadows or in the moonlight, the newborn fairy was slightly translucent. Her body only became fully opaque when under sunlight, fire, or any artificial form of light. For this reason, the Never Fairy was appropriately named, “Nyx”.

As if these features didn’t set her apart from the other fairies enough, it was soon discovered that Nyx didn’t possess a talent--at least, none that they were able to comprehend. It was only logical for them to conclude that Nyx was an “incomplete fairy”: a fairy whose first laugh had broken in transit. None would realize, however, that she was far more whole than any other fairy in Neverland. Still, this didn’t stop her from being discriminated against and often avoided. Perhaps this rejection gave birth to her bad mouth, or perhaps it was her intolerable attitude that pushed her peers away from her; at any rate, her isolation and her toxic personality both grew exponentially as she grew older.

There were some pluses to being a social outcast. Being freed from the restrictions and routines of the other fairies meant she was free to explore the rest of the island at her leisure. She became well acquainted with the other races, species, and cultures of the world and observed much about them. To her disappointment, they were not too different from her own species. Individually, each functioned well as a society and had little issues. On the other hand, none of them interacted as well with the other groups as they did with their own. The Pirates stole from the Indian Tribe, the Indians fought against the Lost Boys, and the Lost Boys antagonized the Pirates. The Fairies and the Mermaids tended to keep to themselves, but altercations with others usually didn’t end well.

This aggravated Nyx deeply. She recognized Neverland for what it truly was: a magnificent, beautiful place where anything could happen. And yet, it could be so much more if only its inhabitants would let it. The pixie would have done anything to for her home to reach its full potential, yet felt powerless to do so. She thought that fate--if there such a thing as fate--were mocking her: the only person in Neverland who wanted change was also the only person incapable to induce it. The other species didn’t respect her, a fairy, who was no different than an insect in their eyes. Sure, the Indians had some sort of respect for fairy folk, but without being able to understand what Nyx said they simply brushed off her erratic and angry movements. Some of the Lost Boys, mostly the younger ones, were able understand her language but didn’t want to do anything but play. The Pirates were a rude lot, the Mermaids were self-absorbed, and her own people thought her a defect. There was nowhere in Neverland she could gain assistance.

But… perhaps she could find it elsewhere. She knew other worlds existed; for one, it was too stupid to think that all the world was composed of a single island. Furthermore, the fairy realized that the Lost Boys (and Girls) had to have washed up from somewhere, and the pirates often joked and bragged about the various villages and places they’ve plundered. And, if there were other worlds out there, then perhaps there was someone out there with some sense in them… someone who could help her make things right, someone who wasn’t a complete idiot. She only had to find a way to them and enlist them to her cause.

To start off, she taught herself to read. Nyx began to read whatever she could, going through the lost Boy’s “treasures” and stealing any book, paper, or document that wasn’t too damaged. She read through every journal, every letter, and every story she had collected. Only, she hated reading. It was long, it was tedious, and it was boring, and most of what she read was absolute garbage. Unrealistic fantasies of heroes and adventures, love letters between the mentally deranged, long-winded theses on various physiological issues… garbage, absolute garbage. She stuck with it, regardless, as it was the only way she could learn about the outside world. Her only hint at a method by which she could freely leave and Neverland. Not that she wanted to be away from her home, but it was her best chance at accomplishing her goal.

All she wanted was peace. Order, for the chaos of the world. If she had a purpose, and fulfilled that purpose, perhaps then she could be understood, be more than the “incomplete fairy”. And then maybe she could raise the collective I.Q. of the island.

Other Notes: Due to the circumstances of her birth, Nyx is slightly translucent [see History]. Only under any form of light other than moonlight is she entirely opaque. In regards to her two appearances, her Unbound Form is not an enhancement of any kind; it is her “true” form, which her stat tiers most accurately represents. In her Suppressed Form, Nyx is considerably weaker and is not of much use in combat.


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Nyx || The Fractured Pixie Empty Re: Nyx || The Fractured Pixie

Post by Faye on Mon Sep 05, 2016 10:14 am


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