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Skill-Trees and Summons




Skill-Trees and Summons


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Post by Thrasynos on Tue Nov 15, 2016 8:05 pm

Base Ability:
Magnus- Thrasynos gains a second MP pool from the one he typically uses to draw MP from. This MP pool has the same MP that his normal MP pool does as it's maximum capacity, and has a completely separate cool down. Effects that allow to the first apply to this one as well be at different times.

Base Ability Cool Down: N/A

Tier One
1st Skill: Wisdom- Thrasynos's MP cannot be affected unless he wishes it.

2nd Skill: Up Roar- Thrasyon cannot be silenced or be unable to use his magic or abilities.

3rd Skill: Thrasynos's silence effects now also passively prevent summoning of weapons and summons within a small distance of him. This does not apply to Keyblades.

4th Skill: Free Will- Thrasynos is immune to being stunned by skills, abilities, etc. Passive. This does not include physical means snares.

5th Skill: Construct- Thrasynos can manipulate the elements in his magic, to create weapons or armors that scale with his Synth stat.

Tier Two
1st Skill: Unleash- Thrasynos can immediately use a choose amount of MP from his MP Pool. Cleansing  magical effects off him matching the amount of MP spent or healing by the amount spent.

2nd Skill: What mine is yours- If an ability or effect triggers that would otherwise drain Thrasynos of his MP, Hayden's MP Pools will instead automatically gain that same mp instead of lose it up to the cap

3rd Skill: Survival: The less MP Thrasynos has in his mana pool, the stronger he becomes physically. By the allotted amounts of missing mana. Per 30 mp he gains a moderate boost to all stats.

4th Skill: Greater then Before- Every time Thrasynoss MP Cools Down, the maximum amount of MP is increased by 100. This increase lasts until the end of the topic.

Tier Three
1st Skill: Pick of the Best- Thrasynos can designate any one of his primary elements. As long as this element is selected, Thrasynos can cast 2 spell for in half from his selected element. Upon using any spell from his selected element, that element goes on a cool down for 3 posts. He can change his element selection once per post. If a Spell has more then one element he can only has to spend everything except that one picked element.

2nd Skill: Better Power- Gains a gains a severe boost to all of his stats while a pool is on MP cooldown, he is boosted per 50 mp missing giving him a buff for each amount of mp missing

3rd Skill: Osmosis- Thrasyon regains MP based on any magical attack or skill that is used against him while also gaining a damage reduction and buff to his own magical buff  equal to half of that amount.

Tier Fourth
1st Skill:Seeker of Chaos- Thrasynos is able to add explosions of  his primal elements and heart element up an amount of Mana freely spent. The explosion can happen anytime at his his other spells occur or hit and strength depending on how much MP he has used and how much MP has been used on him.

2nd Skill: Eater of Worlds- Thrasyon takes all damage from one the four elements as health instead of damage and effects are always positive for him instead. Boosting these effects by an extreme amount each time they occur. He can change the chosen Elemental once per 4 posts.  Spells that use one of the combinations of the elements he will only gain a portion of the effect instead. Depends on how many elements comprise the spell.

Tier Five
1st Skill: Power Overwhelming- Thrasynos gains 2 more mana pools, totaling four  MP Pools for him that follows the same conditions as the other MP pool.

Once per Topic Thraynos is able to automatically refill all four bars of mana

Passive All of his Mana pool cool downs and spells cool downs are halved whenever he wishes once each per post for 4 posts duration before this ability goes on cool down for 8.


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