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Post by Cai on Tue Nov 22, 2016 12:28 am

Name: Cai
Age: Approximately 1800 years-old
Species: God/Divine (Somebody)

Primary Elements
1.) Light
2.) Lightning
3.) Fire
4.) Earth

Personality: Cai is a very aloof individual who has a clear-cut method of doing things. He’s to the point, abrasive and prideful in what he does best. His followers are expected to worship him and make frequent offerings so that their hunts may be as bountiful as possible When speaking, he is honest and straight-forward.

Appearance: Cai stands at an even six feet and is almost always seen with his armor covering his body. The armor has silver as its primary color and used on the main pieces, with the secondary color being gold for the smaller pieces and accents. A dark-red cloth lies over the greaves and is situated beneath a cloth fauld.


History: As a Divine, Cai was once a human man who ascended to the rank of godhood and joined the Mesdin pantheon, as their God of the Hunt. Wielding two legendary spears, he often embarked upon his chariot accompanied with his mighty steeds and hunted down specific beings who earned the gods ire. Begrudgingly nicknamed the, “Gods Lapdog” due to his willingness and almost pleased manner of taking on any “hunts” they had assigned to him.

Several centuries had passed and Cai was instructed to keep a close eye on one particular goddess, who had been meddling in human affairs a little more so than need be. Cai thought of her immediately as a traitor since she blatantly ignored the prayers and pleas of her own people, to help the opposing mortals of the eastern lands. Regardless, he hadn’t acted unless directed to do so but often suggested that they do away with her soon, should she do something that would disgrace the entire Mesdin pantheon. This often led to him being berated and his opinion scoffed at.

However, just like he predicted, the goddess had acted out of turn and in one of the worst ways possible. A final push by the Mesdin army was heading over to the eastern lands in order to deliver the decisive blow and claim the land, but the soldiers were unable to pass due to divine intervention. The goddess had used her domain of wind to move an entire mountain range, closed off their invasion entry and prevented the eastern lands from being taken. Guellen, the God of Victory, was furious and the rest of the divines embarrassed to have her among their ranks, so she was promptly excommunicated.

That wasn’t enough for the God of Victory, though, so in secret he requested the aid of the pantheon’s finest hunter, Cai. Both of them agreed that any further victories would be nigh impossible considering the goddess of wind had joined the eastern pantheon and was now dubbed, “Goddess of the Walking Mountains.” Cai’s mission was to kill this rebellious goddess and shatter the hope of the mortals and even the gods of the eastern lands, so that they may conquer that area once and for all.

Other Notes: Cai still retains a connection to his human instincts and is thus, a divine who partakes in vices such as alcohol and usually engages in sexual actions with women he charms.

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Re: Cai

Post by Faye on Tue Nov 22, 2016 1:34 am


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