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Post by Lenneth on Fri Dec 09, 2016 1:27 am

Name: Nox/ The Dreamer

Species: Demoness/ Somebody


Character 4 | STR Tier 4 | END Tier 3 | MAG Tier 4 | SPE Tier 5 | AGI Tier 5 | SYN Tier 3

Purpose: Nox service as master of the underbelly of Lenneth's kingdom, the overseer of rouges and keeper of secrets. The network of spies and hidden truths that lay beyond the night fall under her jurisdiction. She provides him with a constant stream of information around the worlds gathered in the quite shadows cast by every light. Helping keep the truth in the dark while setting the wheels of fate to swing in Len's favor.

She acts as another general in Lenneth's court while providing what she can to protect the heartless and Lenneth's kingdom with the usage of information and underhanded tactics.

Her goals range in Lenneth's interest but also in her own. Deep inside she wishes to understand the meaning of her creation and what her fate has laid out from her. From creation her existence has left her with more questions. Lenneth has allowed Nox to search for her own answers letting himself gain insight into the mysteries the meta physics of the universe and into himself as a person, questioning his own life and its secrets.


Nox is a rare caused individual that Lenneth found on the edge of the real world and the realm of sleep, crossing upon one of his own dreams by mistake as she was shifting between the realms uncontrollable. She and he noticed the other and the interacted for a little while together as they chatted within his own artificial dream. It took a number of years however to stabilize her condition as it seemed relentless in spreading her entire being across the vast network of sleep. Thankfully with time and effort she was able to maintain herself and even manifest into the physical world given practice under Lenneth's tutor age.

She lacked a real understanding of the world outside of dreams, taking the common physics of  this reality but she enjoyed it the longer she remained. Walking and speech were especially difficult as the concept of such limited emotional connection was frightening to her. Nox was unable to recall much of her existence outside of a few dramatic dreams she crossed and certain people whom like Lenneth has managed to converse with her for a short time. Upon further study Lenneth discovered this was no ordinary human either, her physical makeup and heart were similar to that of the humans he had encountered before . She was bore a closer kin to the race known as demons whom he had in his service before, she was a breed though that was unknown even to the most knowledge scholars.

The concept of origin pledges her thoughts now, questioning just whom and what she really is and where she might find her home or real emotions. At least where she came from. In light of that Lenneth choose to assist her in this soul finding experience while putting her to work in his service. Her talents  were quite unique to him but mostly he saw a odd innocence to her idealism. Everything to her was exciting and new. The touch of cold floor the sight of the stars in the sky seemed like a magical wonderland each time she saw it. Seeing her enjoy the simplest things in life shed a shadow on his overly bright view on his own blessings, dimming down to really take notice of the life around him Lenneth questions just how much his narrow view could see now, maybe through her he could find that child like wonderment again. With the worlds secrets showing them both something more.

Ability Set:
Dark Whispers: Nox has the ability to shift herself into the realm of sleep and dive into the dreams of others. She can freely observe how a dream plays out and interact with it. However she cannot by herself control how the dreams take shape of others. Only with the ones she entered with can she have limited control of the dreamscape. She is however more influential in persuasion to those she is dreaming with.

Bad Dreams: When fighting Nox is able conjure dark constructions in and out of the dreams that represent the targets subconscious desires or fears which they are able to interact with and fight against or with. Taking on a false appearance of whatever powers the targets imbue their conjuration. Still always treated as dark attacks however. If fighting in a dream Nox is no longer able to seamless move through and is seen as threat by the dreamer unless she can trick them otherwise.

Sleep Nox is able to cast all manners of sleep magics, draining magics and limited amount of illusions magics to aid her in and out of combat.

Living Muse Within the dream anything that can happen inside it will actually occur to the living dreamer and Nox as well if she wills it to. However the dreamer will gain full awareness of what is happening and act normally again with their conscious mind within the dream unless they do not wish to, allowing their subconscious mind still play out. Their dream selves are exactly like their real selves however and are treated as such.

Empathy: Nox is able to harness and feel whatever emotion felt around her, precising what she is feeling from them in their perspective while also maintain her own. She is also able to reverse this and project her own emotions onto someone willing. This ability can also extend out to those that have recently died where she can comfort them in their passing into the underworld.

Item Name: Whisper
Item Type: Sets of daggers
Item Abilities:

Sets of daggers infused with the powers of darkness. They are able to return to their owner if lost or thrown. When striking the daggers will deal an severe amount more damage if her target is caught unaware of her attacks.

Item Name: Raven
Item Type: Head piece/Mask
Item Abilities:

Raven is a magical item that is used to help disguise her presence/ identity and trail. Masking her trail she may leave behind in any form. However with clear study and investigation it is still possible to see her tracks in magical manners.

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The La Vaeas Of Darkness
The La Vaeas Of Darkness

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Re: Nox

Post by Faye on Fri Dec 09, 2016 3:32 pm


Character Tier(V)
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