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Darkness Shall Raise (Private)

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Darkness Shall Raise (Private) Empty Darkness Shall Raise (Private)

Post by Lenneth on Tue Jan 10, 2017 12:15 am

Among the dark realm stood a single building, summoned in one day and composed from foul magics and twisting pieces of flesh, a substance that breathed  in life with each twitch of its body. The substance rose into the sky from the base ground level, so far it would be passing the height of what would have been cloud level in any other world in the light. Inside the of the top stood a single chamber surrounded by stained glass of a mythological designs, taking a mix of  inspirations from a variety of  otherworldly cultures into a singular beauty. Within a six pointed star sat, providing a sturdy table with a bone like chair at the tips of the ends.

From this height it was easy to stare off into the black voids, see each part of the landscape touched by the moonlight as far as the eye could see. Dimly light candles decorated the interior in a faint blue glow with paints of the dark king plastered around flowing in rose petals and plant buds that dotted around.  

The gate beyond the end of the room stood strong, cracking open with the sudden appearances of three forms twisted like nightmarish darkness. Each had their own little particle, one of black bird feather, another appeared in a vibrate display of goo while another showed herself in an example of flashing blue moon light. Each showing themselves in a much more glamorous fashion adored in attire best befitting their distorted forms while crossing the room into a respective chair.

While sitting another form would show itself, outside of the tower a colossus shadow would appear beyond the moon's rays, quickly expending larger as it came into view of them before shirking in size once the details were visible. Still a massive creature to behold it was nothing like before, touching one of the windows with its claw to open a path as it shattered. Then crossing through the opening the glass would form back after the large reptilian took her place within the tower, resting her form ontop of one of the chairs as she crushed it underneath her size.

Zorja: “Achlys couldn't be bothered to just take humanoid form and walk through the front door like the rest of us?”

Achlys: “The Night which I bring myself to yourself level dear Zorja will be the night we all perish before the vermin”

Zorja: “Always wonderful to see you as well with that pride your carry around all the time, it must take up half your body so I can understand why you can't fit through the door”

The armoured battle maiden stared long and hard into the eye of the large black dragon, shooting metaphorical daggers with her gaze as the dragon just looked on beyond her small stature with a cocked upper eyelid and toothy smile. Almost bearing a hint of smoke seeping out from her nostrils as the two of them built up their stature.

The spider like ball of flesh simply chuckled to herself, his form every changing into different various form a claw to a hand to tendrils with each passing moment building onto of each other. She would remain slightly to the bickering of the dark Valkyrie and Dragon queen and allow his entertainment to continue.  

The smallest form there, a petite women of much more recognizable human traits and adored in black furthers meekly sat there with her body closed and hutch over. Her hands clutched the edges of her dress between her fingers while darting back and forth between the others, more so as the two whom were nearly at each others weapon at the ready.

Nox:  "Uhmm...it is good to see both of you, Achlys and Zorja oh and of course you as well Nephthys. Its not common for all four of us to be gathered together like this in person. Your scales look so polish Achyls and your armour its really much stronger then it did last time. Nephthys the abdomen is looking very engorged, I really wanna see the new babies after this."

Nephys: Haha Of course Nox come by the pits after we are done here, the children would love to see you again I'm sure.

Both the dragon and armoured female eased their forms down, relaxing back into their stats while shaking their heads side to side in disbelief while looking away from the rest of their peers.

Both speaking around the same time, resonating a lower tone with them hinting at something among the past.

Zorja: & Achlys “Thank you Nox”  

A moment of silence passed allowing the other two to smile in some manner while the cold of the room took over their senses. It was still a bit early for them to start anything, proper attendance seem to be a welcomed obligation of a king's underlings even if they had nothing more to discuss between them. Until the meek feathery maiden would look onto the three of them.

Zorja: “Is it true? Master has allied himself with the light to battle another force of the dark?”

Achyls: “Yes it is, his meet with some old acquaintance a number of sun raises ago and has chosen to aid them in this endeavour mounted against them from the wild heartless or so we thought. Apparently the attacks on the worlds recently were all heavily coordinated and not a coincidence, another force controlled them. One that rivals our lord if not surpasses his base power alone. “

Nephys: “That explains why he has been working me to form specif heartless to combat others like them. Why hasn't he discussion these details  with us sooner? We could have lunched an invading force and devoured these renegades. They might hold some interesting new essences. “

Zorja:  “Agreed surely our forces along would be enough to fight this new dark force and have enough remaining to wipe out the light's forces at the same time. We should suggest this to him right away and mobilize. “

Achyls: “You both seem to lack the insight into lord's wisdom. A war on two fronts would at best still exhaust our resources and his power far beyond acceptable means. If and only if there were only two enemies present we would still be exposed for lacking a real understanding of how many there are. He has been personally gathering intelligence on these new advisers while mapping out what forces are gathering among the light. “

Nox: “Why by himself? I could have just as easily done the same for him but all his had me do is wonder gathering information at our own lands.”

Achyls: “Likely to keep our own forces in check should anything might have comprised our line. However I do agree with one flaw in his logic-”

Lenneth: “My willingness and honesty to actually work with them correct? Share with little lies about us”

All four of them turned silent before looking onto the door intensely. Creeping into some comfort into their sits as the gate like door open quickly, swinging open as the features of five different humanoid males crossed and skated into the room. Shadows would form and slip into the floors covering them in a sightless black before climbing over top the windows and painting them shut. Purple buds grew from each of the lit candle lights before blooming into a bright roses across the entire interior of the tower. The four generals would stand at attention, carefully watching their master slowly glide over towards his seat at the top of the room while bowing in a nervous sweat without an thought of moving out of place.

Lenneth made his way ivory chair, pausing for a moment while still collecting the rest of this thoughts before addressing his court. His four personal guards, the man behind the beauty standing in four different spots behind the chairs and war table, correlating with the four direction. His hand would raise then weave down slowly. The four goddess would sit down as well, Lenneth then following in suit while looking at them all with a still and calculating expression.

Lenneth: “Thank you all for showing up today. I'm sure you are all aware of the danger and I am greatly for you all keeping yourselves so informed, fear not I shall address all of your questions in time. For now let us began”

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