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Skill-Trees and Summons




Skill-Trees and Summons


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Alma's Equipment Empty Alma's Equipment

Post by Alma Taschner on Tue Apr 04, 2017 10:27 pm

Beginner's Cane:
The most basic of magical implements, essential to any White Mage when beginning their training. This one bears the curved, weighted tip that is customary of such a tool. It represents the consequences of one's actions, and the idea that such consequences will certainly affect the user later, a lesson that White Mages are meant to take very seriously.

"Alma was initially lukewarm about her connection to white magics. It was convenient, but not her interest. After the departure of her brother, Till, she began considering white magic more earnestly, and the idea of manipulating life forces enticed her."

White Mage's Cloak:
This cloak is usually given to proven White Mages, but Alma was lucky to discover one floating around a market. It's of low quality compared to official garments, but the implications behind donning the red-and-white fabric gives her confidence in her potential.

"Koloman often dealt with merchants in other Worlds, and would sell the family's excess crops there for money to support the home. Only once did he ever offer to take anyone with him. When Till accepted this offer, they set off quickly, with an infectious enthusiasm. This was to be the first of many experiences the father would pass down to his son."
Gardener's Treads:
A pair of brown boots designed by immigrated farmers during their careers in Wonderland. The high sides partially hide a set of metal plates which serve to protect the wearer's legs from crushing if they are ensnared by certain vines or snakes. Though effective in this sense and receptive of enchantments, the metal used is low-grade, and isn't effective for use in smithing. They suit farmers and travelers very well, for obvious reasons.

"Wonderland bore a solid, secure kingdom with strict rulers, but had no shortage of varied wilderness. Much of the flora native to the World couldn't be cultivated effectively anywhere else, so some aspiring farmers immigrated there to make a profit from the rare plantlife by bringing it into off-World trade. The Taschners were one such group."


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