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Post by Drake Pathos on Mon Sep 07, 2015 12:23 am

So, something's in order. Okay, as you all will come to find out if you haven't already, we are an older community from an older site. That site I joined 3 years ago on September 1st might be where it all started for me. But now I'm here, part of a wonderful community. All the communication, all the cooperation. Newer members are usually welcomed relatively easily and they start to make this part of their morning rituals. You all probably know what I mean. Wake-up, go to your phone or your computer and instinctively type in part of the URL or click on a bookmark. Go to the site, knowing that there might not be anything new but it's still there. Well, the purpose of this is more or less a thank-you. To the community who've given me solas, grief, and made me feel all sorts of things. Not everyone will make the connection, which happens. Not everyone will make it immediately either. But this isn't just some roleplay website. This is a community tightly-woven with a door weaved into it.

A door kept unlocked for those willing to put up with our crazy family. Sure you could see some dogs biting at each other, but that's how it is with siblings. But my remembrance of these past 3 years as part of this community, I've realized time means nothing. You have to earn your respect, which isn't too difficult. You aren't ever entitled to anything either and shouldn't believe you are just because you've been here a while. I understand that my contributions don't reward me anything but satisfaction either. We have so many people passionate enough to stick around through thick and thin. I've felt lots of things about the community and my role in it. Questioned a lot of things. Paranoia hit me bad for a while. But eventually I just sat down, thought to myself. I realized that my grudges were pointless and only a circumstantial by-product of issues we've remedied.

So, I guess there's a few people I need to mention. Don't worry, I love you all equally. I know, it burns. But for starters, Shirou/Zyvonia/2Pac Iscor. I remember I first joined and I actually looked up to you and ended up being the gateway to progress one of my characters regardless of how terrible that character was. I can safely say I've learned from then. But I thank you for that. I really am clueless when I join sites and you really did help me out. Harhoe. Harloe. Harelow. Harlow. You were someone I respect deeply but at the same time was frustrated by you not allowing yourself to rest. You've done so much, along with Shirou and others that will be mentioned. I remember arguments I've seen and had a secondary position in and a few things you said. I usually don't forget certain things for some reason. If it's there in my head, it's there. Veara, I know you were involved in the miffing of members, but we just weren't as well-built as we are now. But I appreciate the intention you had as someone who just tried getting people to act and do things. You didn't want people standing stagnant and wanting to influence grand, over-archng things. I really didn't appreciate that idea until now. We've come to agree the execution wasn't right regardless.

Someone who isn't here currently, Hikari/Cool and someone who is, Tyler; both of you have been two people I've considered close friends. While we haven't talked much lately, I've tried my best to be a friend. Tyler, we've worked together before on sites and that's becuase I trusted that. I try to come to you two with ideas and want to involve you. I mean, of course playing alone is never fun. Alexander, I know there was a few times where issues came to a head between us, but I know there was a reason for how you were at some times. You have tried your hardest to create and perfect this website. You among many can firmly smile at the community. Those mentioned, those not mentioned, many have done what they could to cultivate what we have now. I wanted to express that my time here has dug and burrowed into my heart as a permanent memory. This is the longest I've been in one place. And I've evolved more than ever in the ten years I've roleplayed. I never really grew until the last few years.

In fact, things I've learned here has helped me with school, wordplay hits a soft spot in teachers' hearts. So, yeah this was late. But I still wanted to make sure I told you all how much I look forward to the growth, expansion and evolution of what we have. The plots we create, the fun we have. We aren't just writers coming together, because all of us have made friends that we just end up spending day and night with. I come here expecting just writing, but I end up in twelve hour calls playing smash even though the people I play with are scrublords suck along with me. Sometimes cards against humanity. Sometimes just bullshitting. I've confided a lot of things into some of you, not just because you're internet people I won't ever see. Still part of why, but because there is actual interaction. There is an actual community here and I respect that and I hope you all do too. We've had many great new additions and continue to see people come flocking on over. I want to continue seeing that. So for those who have just started this year, there is a lot to look forward to. There is a lot more than what's here right now.

For those who've been around longer, I'm glad you've stayed. I just hope we can all be friends.

And also relevant to the harems we have

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Post by Harlow on Thu Sep 10, 2015 2:20 am

r u pregnant

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Post by Professor Velox on Thu Sep 10, 2015 10:24 am

Shit, I'm a really cool guy.

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Post by Tsumiko on Thu Sep 10, 2015 4:24 pm

Shirou wrote:Shit, I'm a really cool guy.

I think you mean you're a pretty giddy guy. ;D
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Post by Sponsored content

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