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Alyth Rodina

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Alyth Rodina

Post by Alyth on Tue Aug 02, 2016 12:35 am

Name: Alyth Rodina

Age: 29

Species: Somebody

Primary Elements
1.) Light
2.) Space
3.) Fire
4.) Earth


At the first glance, Alyth seems like an average person, someone who'll keep quiet for the most part, only speaking up to offer help when she feels someone needs it. However, this is only partially correct. Beneath that quiet, composed appearance lies someone who actually tries to get out and make friends. She is a very friendly person, yes. However, she tends to struggle with the actual act of making friends because of the fact that she is not one to mince words, nor sugarcoat her opinion.

If you ask what she thinks, she will give you the one hundred percent unfiltered truth. In spite of this, she is someone who is very willing to help others if needed, and works very diligently on whatever she decides to focus her attention on. She is a very observant person, something that she has found to help her in her more..offensive pursuits. However, she is also very stubborn, tackling problems head on until either she breaks or the problem is resolved. Yet, in spite of all this, she is very much a protective person, making sure that the few friends she has and the people she cares about remain reasonably safe.

When it comes to problems that require a more tactful approach however, Alyth is more than capable of being the avid listener, offering up what advice she can once the person who needs it is done talking. It might not always be great advice, and sometimes she won't really have advice for someone, but she does very much try to help when she can. All in all, she is a rather normal girl, albeit with her fair share of quirks.


Standing in stark contrast to the more colorful inhabitants of the worlds, Alyth stands at a petite five feet and one inch, weighing in at about one hundred and thirty pounds. In terms of notable features, Alyth has only one: her eyes, rather than being a normal color like brown or blue, take on a distinct shade of violet. Other than that, her features are rather normal, being as feminine as one can expect, while her hair comes down to the top of her jawline, curling at the ends due to its waviness.

This trend of  an unremarkable appearance is further strengthened by her average choice of clothing. Typically, Alyth can be seen sporting a neutral colored, thin hoodie. Underneath this, usually she has a cool colored t-shirt of some kind. As for what covers the bottom half of her body, usually its a pair of shorts of varying length, but if it gets too cold, then pants become the default, and the hoodie she sports is traded off for a dark colored, thicker hoodie.

For footwear, pretty much anything from sneakers to boots is fair game to Alyth, as the most important aspect of what she puts on her feet is comfort. Her fair skin is mostly flawless, unmarked by any real scars or blemishes. This is a testament to her peaceful childhood, mostly safe from the events of twenty years ago, along with her healthy upbringing. However, there are a few small scars here and there on her hands that speak of accidents in the use of magic. The most noticeable is a very smooth, off tone patch of skin covering the very bottom of her left palm. This mark is the result of sustaining a burn when attempting something that was too complex for her understanding of magic, resulting in her losing control of what she was doing. Other than this burn however, Alyth is a very normal looking girl.

Photo Reference:

History: Twenty years ago, there were many terrible things that happened as a direct result of a masked figure. Unlike most of the people who remember that time, Alyth was only a child, being only nine when the masked figure killed off political figure after political figure. Fortunately for her, Alyth never came in contact with the masked figure, instead she lived as peaceful a life as she could, thanks to very little of the conflict making its way to her home. However, with the constant threat of the masked figure looming overhead, Alyth herself found that more often than not, she was forced to be cloistered in her home or at school.

This continued up until the fall of the figure. However, out of paranoia, several schools meant to train civilians in combat of all types were formed, eventually coalescing into a single academy, one which Alyth-and her more colorful  siblings-were enrolled in at a very young age. While her eldest sister seemed to excel in the use of ranged arsenals and her older brother excelled in the use of single edged blades and combative magic-things which became apparent very quickly-Alyth seemed to struggle with many things.

It seemed that no matter how much progress she made, she was still two steps behind everyone else. She was at best, average. At worst, she was the proverbial runt of the litter. This persisted for several years, the rather unique setup of the academy dictating that she remained a "new" student until she showed skill in some area, any area.

Of course, being held back time and time again, Alyth eventually became frustrated. She was only taught about the most basic of things, basic combat with blades and firearms, magic and its basic elements, and basic tactics. She was not allowed access to certain sections of the library, and generally she felt held back from making progress. However, while she was not officially taught any of the higher level lessons, she did hear of them through word of mouth. Her siblings did love to brag. Her sister in particular bragged about how sharp her reflexes and eyes were, and how she could fool anyone with her magic, having found an advanced type of magic that she was adept with. Her brother however, was much more forgiving. Where the eldest girl would simply brag and put down Alyth, her brother talked with her, explained what he could.

It was through these talks that Alyth eventually discovered why she wasn't allowed in the deeper sections of the library. There were very advanced tomes within. Information that might help her find a breakthrough. The problem was that she didn't know how she could get into the area where this information was held. This predicament tugged at her focus for many months/ She spent most of her time cloistered in her room, trying her best to figure out a way past the security measures that prevented her from entering the deeper recesses of the library. But, in an unexpected turn of events, she found herself not needing to even enter the library.

Her brother had pitied her, and went through the effort of checking out everything he could that would give her access to more information. She pored over each tome, every letter of every word. It was in this way that she discovered that the basic elements were not the only elements of magic. There were advanced elements-conceptual magic, like that of space and time-and combined elements, ones comprised of multiple basic elements.

She tried everything, but nothing quite clicked. There were simply types of magic that weren't as difficult for her to use. As the year passed, Alyth found herself making more and more progress, eventually proving herself enough to advance to the next year. Over the next five years, Alyth would make her way through the training and lessons that she had been struggling in mere months before, even finding multiple aspects of combat in which she was adept. She wasn't overly strong, but she was agile and fast. She struggled with creating magical weapons, but her magic was of such great variety-utilizing an equal balance of offensive and defensive typing-that this balanced it out. She was as durable as anyone else however.

Eventually however, her time in training came to an end. What many people completed in four years, Alyth completed in eight, the result of her struggles. She was seventeen when she finally was deemed competent enough to hold her own in a true battle. By this point, her siblings had moved on, travelling to other worlds in search of greater things. Alyth however, remained in Radiant Garden, living with her mother and father, keeping them company. However, while her formal training had ended, her habit of practice had not. Somehow, even with a menial labor job which she took to help support her family, Alyth always found time to practice the little magic she did know. For a time, this seemed to keep the girl content. She could protect what she cared about, but didn't have to stray too far.

This routine of work and practice became common for Alyth, even after she struck out on her own, finding a small home that she rented out, allowing her to be independent. Yet..something was different. Alyth was twenty now, years older than her siblings had been when they struck out for other worlds. And what had she done? Next to nothing. She had settled into a routine, become just another civilian. This didn't hit her all at once however. Rather, it was a slow realization, one formed over the course of a few years. It was on the dawn of her twenty fourth birthday when this nagging doubt became a sudden realization. She was not like most people. She remained in consistent contact with her brother through a gift he had given her when she had finally graduated. It was a notebook that allowed her to write him letters in real time. He had one as well. Everything she wrote appeared in his, and vice versa. She knew there were more worlds than the one she lived in. Of course, she was not the only one who knew this. Plenty of normal people did as well.

And yet..she felt..different. She finally realized what the empty void in her life had been. She was craving a change of scenery. Craving adventure. However, she couldn't just up and leave. There were things to be done. Firstly, she had recently discovered that she could utilize one of the combined elements. While it was a degree of control..she needed to refine it. It was still far too dangerous to herself to utilize it. Along with this, she had to gather weapons. A new threat had appeared over time. The heartless. Her magic could keep them at bay, but she needed weapons and armor. It has now been twenty years since the fall of the masked figure. Alyth's arsenal has been formed, and she is ready to explore the worlds, hoping to make more friends and finding others important to her.  

Other Notes:  

She is ambidextrous, but currently does not know. To her knowledge, she is left hand dominant, and favors the hand for most actions.

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Re: Alyth Rodina

Post by Faye on Fri Aug 05, 2016 8:36 am


I apologize for the delay. I wasn't aware you had completed the profile yet. Just give it a bump next you finish something you've been working on over time ^^;

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