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Post by Tonn on Sun Nov 20, 2016 8:10 pm

Name: Tonn
Age: ~1500yrs
Species: Former Goddess/Divine (Somebody)

Primary Elements
1.) Light
2.) Wind
3.) Water
4.) Moon

Personality: Tonn is a fairly involved but selfish woman. She won’t go out of her way to help everyone in need, but if there is potential in a new follower she surely will grant her power to assist. Nonetheless, she would lend a hand if she does see gross injustice.

She can be fairly smug when conversing with others, if one does manage to get the opportunity to do so. Tempting her with sweets does help in that regard, however.

Appearance: Tonn stands at an even 5’5”. She wears a phoenix crown upon her head and has flowing blonde hair that reaches halfway down her back. She wears a black dress with a red and yellow tabard and matching sash.

History: Daughter to the Mesdinian goddess of sky, Himmelia, and the god of the sea, Farraige, Tonn spent most of her life among the gods and other divines in Empyrean above Merta. Once she matured, she was granted a seat among the pantheon and was named the goddess of the wind, sharing Her duties with Her parents. She gained strong worship from sailors and archers and was well respected by those of the western lands of Mesdin.

After a few centuries, a war erupted between Mesdin and the eastern lands. Though the reasoning for conflicts never really were a concern of the gods, it was still reasonably expected to lend their strength to those who called for it if they were so deserving. As the war wore on, Tonn began to feel sympathy for the eastern land and saw them as victims of cruelty of a “pointless fight”. Before too long, She began to respond to their prayers and ignored more of those from the western lands. Though She was scolded by other members of the pantheon, She wasn’t punished to harshly for it. However, She was warned that if She continued to ignore the calls of Her devoted, She will certainly lose her seat in the pantheon.

Despite the warning, Tonn continued answering the prayers of the eastern people, doing so until a pivotal moment in the war arose. A mass of Mesdinian troops gathered and began to march on toward the eastern lands capital. Among them were devoted of Guellen, the god of victory, carrying banners that displayed His blessing. Just as the Mesdin army was making their final movemnents, Tonn acted by summoning a mighty wind that moved the mountains, blocking the army’s path and angered most of the other gods of the pantheon, namely Guellen Himself.

For Her actions, She was excommunicated from the pantheon and cast out from Empyrean, her mother and father turning their backs to her. She was however welcomed into the eastern pantheon, becoming the “goddess of the walking mountains.” Her newfound livelihood was cut short as the world of Merta was swallowed by Darkness. Both her and her followers were scattered among the outer worlds, and she found herself lost and near powerless. Though she was still born a divine, without her followers she found herself no longer as strong as her goddess form.

Other Notes: Tonn strongly dislikes the taste of cinnamon.

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Re: Tonn

Post by Faye on Sun Nov 20, 2016 11:51 pm


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