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Skill-Trees and Summons


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Zeal (Plot Character)

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Zeal (Plot Character)

Post by Raziel on Tue Nov 29, 2016 5:36 am

Name: Zeal

Species: Human.


Character Tier 4 | STR Tier 5 | END Tier 3 | MAG Tier 0 | SPE Tier 5 | AGI Tier 5

Purpose: Zeal is the leader of Syndicate (also referred to as Syn or the guild), an organization of thieves, assassins, and info brokers. Raziel is one of his followers.

History: Thirty years ago, Zeal began taking in orphans, troubled youths, and undesirables under his wing. Individuals everyone would rather forget. Raziel, a Nobody with no memories, was a perfect match and quickly became one of Zeal's favorite tools. With the promise of family and a sense of purpose, he manipulated these people into doing as he desired. Starting in Traverse Town, they were nothing more than a petty gang involved in many small crimes, but that changed as their numbers grew. They began to branch out, dealing with more serious crimes and perfecting them. Two decades later, Syndicate has become a criminal network whose presence spans every known world, gaining Zeal a monopoly. Murder, burglary, kidnapping, hacking—it doesn’t matter. If the price is right, Zeal will see to it that his customers get their munny’s worth.

No one knows any of Zeal’s personal information or history.

Item Name: Voice Modulator
Item Type: Mask
Item Abilities: A device Zeal uses to constantly keep changing his voice. It can also record and mimic the voices he has come into contact with.

Character Tier(II)
MP(220 MP) | GP(2 GP)
STR Tier(2) | END Tier(3) | MAG Tier(2) | SYN Tier(2) | SPE Tier(4) | AGI Tier(5)

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