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Stealing a ship (Open)

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Stealing a ship (Open)

Post by Storm Sky on Thu Aug 13, 2015 7:15 pm

I need a ship, one that can carry an army. Storm had been consulting extensively with The Cheshire Cat on ways to mobilize his armies. He mentioned something about a ship, one large enough to carry his entire army where it needed to go, and from there the search was on.

Storm kept searching, flying for days in his gummi ship. He was just about to give up. Until he saw it. The fleet. Storm lit up like a kid on Christmas morning. He pulled his ship up to Commanding ship. This was gonna be fun. He pointed his gun directly at the side, blasting a hole into it. He then crashed his ship into the smallish hole made, plugging up the hole while putting his cockpit inside. He opened the cockpit and jumped out, hearing the menacing alarm sounding. He then looked at the gummi ship plugging up the hole.

Guess I'll have to fix it later.

He then began looking for the Command Center of the ship. He neared one door, opening it to 5 guards standing in front of him, blasters drawn.

Stop right there! You are here by Under arrest by the authority of the Galactic Council! Storm gave a wicked grin. He melted into his own shadow, moving through the ground like a heartless. He moved himself right under the middle guard, springing up and grabbing him by his neck. He pointed the guards blaster at another guard, forcing him to shoot, then unleashed his claws and did a quick spin to kill another two, while kicking the guard he had taken hostage away. Storm quickly summoned his dagger, throwing it at the last guard standing. Now the only one left living was the one that was pushed to the ground in the fuss. He went for his rifle. Storm stepped on it, and kicked it away.

Run, and tell your commander he is next. The guard ran in fear. Storm kept going, hoping to eventually get to the Command center. The alarms were getting louder and louder.


More guards came out of another door, this time about 10, followed by Gantu, their commander. Storm was shocked by his pure size. He hid behind a wall, making sure he didn't get shot. He raised Gantus shadow, splitting it into three. He made two of them restrain the actual Gantu, and the other to go ballistic on the guards, destroying all of them with ease. Storm then retracted his claws and walked up to the restrained Gantu. He motioned for the third Gantu clone to lift Storm onto Gantus shoulder. He then summoned his sword, and dug it into his shoulder blade, and ripped it down through his chest, killing him almost instantly. The clones then followed Storm as he searched for the Command Center of the ship. He finally reached it, opening the door. The guards seemed ready to fire, until they saw the 3 clones of Gantu following right after. They all lowered their guns.

That's what I thought. Now, to Wonderland to get my troops. Then, Destiny Island.


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